Fri Frakt 60 Dagars Öppetköp Klarna


Congratulations! Your curiosity has led to you potentially winning a bunch of free products. On this page you can read how to take advantage of our discount codes. We will randomly generate discount codes that we then post on one or several of our social media accounts (

How to win:
We will post one of the images below on one or several of our social media accounts. We suggest that you follow them all if you don't want to miss out. The post will contain a voucher code that can be used on Each image has different attributes according to the image below:

Drop rate: Chance of this specific color to be posted.
Discount rate: Percentage that is applied on your total order value (incl. taxes).
Quantity: The number of times the voucher can be used.
The chests will be randomly generated and be posted on our social media. This happens irregularly.
They can't be combined with other forms of discounts.

We reserve the right to withdraw any purchase that have been made using any of these vouchers if we suspect any kind of misuse.
One can't use a voucher retroactively i.e. you can't use it on an existing order.
We can't cancel orders that has already be packaged or shipped.
Orders that are placed using Purple or Orange colors vouchers can't be changed. Any such orders will be canceled and we will repost a new voucher with the same color. This is to prevent cheating.